The level of chronic stress and burn out rate explodes. We support you in the 3 steps of stress management.

First step, detecting stress signals and understanding this natural phenomenon. No drama ! Tame it!

Second step, getting to know yourself better in the face of stress: triggers and pitfalls in a stressful situation, but also your own resources and anti-stress reflexes.

Third step, concrete and personalised solutions. Small steps that make a big difference!

Reactive intervention at the first signs of pre – burn out, to find a better balance.

Easy return to work after a burn out episode or a long absence, thanks to our experienced coaches.

Targeted support for managers and those involved in the well-being of the company (HR teams, prevention, ambassadors, etc.).

Based on your reality, curative and preventive actions to replenish your energy on all levels!

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  • FR – Natacha Van Hove:   +32 460 95 24 71